The Peace and Hope Trust

Serving in Nicaragua


The Peace and Hope Trust has a multi faceted approach to overseas mission.

Our motto is "Reaching Those not Served by Others" and our inspiration is drawn from the words of explorer David Livingstone; "Sympathy is no Substitute for Action"

The Trust's mission is to the remote and forgotten communities in Nicaragua, particularly along the east, Mosquito Coast. In Bluefields, we work with people on the edge of starvation in the rock breaking and rubbish tip communities, and along the remote waterways of the lagoon and Rio Grande de Matagalpa, we serve isolated communities lacking in all modern amenities. In the hill country of Matagalpa, we have established a model farm growing coffee, bamboo, moringa and other experimental crops.

Our essentially practical approach to mission includes:

  • Medical teams of doctors, dentists and nurses bringing basic healthcare to people who either have none, or cannot afford to pay for it.
  • Volunteer teams of all ages and abilities led by skilled builders who construct schools, clinics, hurricane shelters and other community infrastructure.
  • Pastoral work amongst vulnerable families and support for education, vocational opportunities etc.
  • Piloting bamboo house construction as a means to improve housing stock.
  • Supporting local church and community leaders.
  • Sourcing surplus educational, medical and vocational equipment and supplies in the UK and shipping this aid to those in need in Nicaragua
  • Piloting the cultivation of moringa as a nutritional aid, and working with the University of Nicaragua to research this amazing plant and improve education about it's benefits.
  • Encouraging promising young Nicaraguans by offering education scholarships.

The leadership of the Trust is entirely volunteer led, and establishment costs are minimal. Supporters can be assured therefore that their donations are going to support the work in the field.