A great success !

That was the overwhelming feedback I got about this years rides and we raised a substantial sum of money for the Peace and Hope Trust which of course is the aim of all our efforts. Thanks to all of you who took part, Stephen Ind the C.E.O of The Peace and Hope Trust has asked me to send his best wishes and grateful thanks for all your support and of course he says this on behalf of all the families who will benefit from the work done by the trust in Nicaragua.

These photos above illustrate what the trust is trying to achieve by its school building programme.

School in BluefieldsSome of the older children attending the now fully operational school built during 2016/17 by six teams from the Trust in just under eighteen months in Bluefields on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. This new building replaced an old and very inadequate smaller building which housed 80 children. The new school caters for 160 youngsters and has its own kitchen so all the children get a free lunch provided by the government.


One of the classrooms fully decorated by volunteers, furnished and equipped from donations to the Trust. Notice all the children are wearing uniforms several of them will have been provided by the Trust because their parents can’t afford to buy them and they are not allowed to attend school unless they have a uniform. Education is free but uniforms are not!

feeding programme

A feeding programme set up by the Trust, the running of which was subsequently taken over by a local church and you can see Pastor Gonzalo signing the children in.
stone quarry
This is a stone quarry where some of the very poorest children come from.

stone quarryThe stone quarry supplies broken rock and stone chippings for concrete, all quarried and broken by hand. The men and women working here earn so little they cannot possibly afford to buy uniforms for their children so the Trust buys them and the children get an education thus giving them a chance of breaking the cycle and eventually leaving the quarry.

In the coming months I will tell you many more stories of how your money makes a difference!

putting up the signs

Congratulations to everyone involved from the sign fixers to the registration team, the traffic controllers and the 70 milers, the 40 mile gang, the family day outers and the odd eccentric window cleaner; we managed to raise just over £4,000 but the final figure will be quite a bit greater with all the promises of gift aid. When we have all the sponsorship and donations in and we have calculated the value of the gift aid I will let you know the exact net amount raised.

Lesson Learned!

ronThis is me trundling round the 70 route and yes 52 miles was far too far for the refreshments stop. I won’t make that mistake again! As for the shortage of food well all I can say is we were caught out by the number of entries on the day. We calculated the food based on the same formula as last year when we had cake left over, even though we had entries on the day. Based on last years experience we expected about 145 entries and we got 171. So I am very sorry some of the tail end riders did not get the food they expected. All I can say is we have discussed what happened and we WILL get it right next year. The same goes for the signage I will be ordering more arrows to make sure we have more than enough to clearly mark out the routes. It’s strange that we ran out because last year none of the teams struggled for arrows, I must have designed routes with a lot more junctions this year. Apologies!

Next year

I have not set the date for next years event as there are still a few things to iron out but it will be in early April. I am planning to get the date fixed by early June, the rides planned out and tested by the end of August and entries will open in September. If I possibly can I want to set up a payment method on line on the new website instead of you bringing cash on the day.

If I am to keep you informed of all that’s happening I need your written permission to keep your details on my database, with the new data protection regulations coming into force next month, and so when you get the request from me in the next day or so please add your name to the return email I send you and we can keep in touch – Cheers, Ron.

Photographs from the day!

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