Due to the political unrest in Nicaragua the Trust has reluctantly ceased working on the ground due to the fact that we cannot get insurance cover for our volunteers whilst the British government is advising people not to travel to Nicaragua. However all our other activities such as fund raising and collecting donations of materials to send out there are continuing as normal and the dilemma we have is what to do with the huge amount of things we have and where to put more when it is offered as our warehouse is full to capacity.


We have approached other charities working in Rumania to help them by providing hospital beds and mattresses as we currently have over 60 beds and 200 mattresses in stock. This would ease the pressure in our warehouse. We could still send a container to Nicaragua but the problem is being sure the materials can be retrieved from customs and distributed as there is currently tremendous disruption due to protests and road blocks. The idea has been mooted to send a container of clothing and bedding etc to the Costa Rican refugee camps where a great many Nicaraguans have fled in order to escape the unrest. The problem with this is the time scale. It takes weeks for a container to get to its destination and the situation may well have changed by the time it arrives. It really is a dilemma but you can rest assured the trustees and staff are constantly in touch with our partners and helpers in Nicaragua and will do all they can to continue to support the people of Bluefields and other projects in the country. There are elections in March 2019 so the hope and prayer is this will bring some settlement to the conflict between the ruling party and the opposition.