Richard and Dennis are travelling to La Barra to repair the Trust’s house there

Setting off at 5.10am we were buying the barrels at 6am and after a few scheduled pit stops arrived safely in Bluefields shortly after 1pm.

We hit the road running and things fell into place in a fairly frenetic fashion. We discovered that a slow boat was leaving last night and reaching La Barra this evening. We shot to change some money, purchased a metre of rock at the quarry and managed to get it, and the barrels on the boat that is now on its way up river.

Slow boat.

I then met with Miss Lyla from La Barra and received more useful information. A doctor has been staying in the house, good news, and her sister has made the beds up for us. We will now be carrying out further guttering repairs, the tank stand, reconnecting the water and repairing the legs of the house. Today I will be purchasing all the necessary kit.

Bluefields is in a mess, the roads have all been dug up for a new water system but not yet repaired and the place is struggling economically. The whole place seems very quiet, as if the life has been sucked out of it. We hardly saw any traffic on the road from Nueva Guinea.

The mixer, chain-saw and the other tools are all safe and look in good condition. We will check further today.

We had previously met with Miss Leila (Escuela Paz Y Esperanza) and all her staff, including Roxanna.