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"Sympathy is no substitute for action" - David Livingstone


We are a UK based charity with a Christian ethos. We have been working amongst poor and marginalised communities in Nicaragua since we were founded by Mike Cole in 1996.


Since then, many volunteers have caught the same vision to help a country that is regularly affected by natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and landslides and remains one of the neediest in the Western Hemisphere.

In recent years it has become more difficult to operate in Nicaragua but we are still finding many ways to help.

Education and health are our main priorities, but there are many facets to our work.

humanitarian aid

Our recycling program collects surplus equipment and ships it several times a year, to where it is most valued. Priorities are medical equipment and supplies for hospitals and clinics, school furniture and vocational equipment. Read more...

community building

We support vocational centres and community projects. Volunteers share their love and their talents by working with local churches, women’s and children’s groups to teach vocational skills or help with feeding programmes. Read more...

medical and dental

Working in remote and impoverished communities where very little medical care is available, sponsored dentist and medical professionals relieve acute pain and support local services. Read more...


Our aim is to work with and for the local people to provide communal facilities – schools, clinics, vocational centres, laundries, showers and toilets. Our programme is implemented by teams of volunteers from the UK and around the world. Read more...

"Faith without works is dead" - These gospel words of James underline our calling to reach those not served by others in Nicaragua, and to demonstrate God's love in action.

Volunteers for the Trust's construction projects in Nicaragua are drawn mainly, though not exclusively, from our key support base of church communities around the UK, particularly in Gloucestershire, Guernsey and the North East of England.

We form natural partnerships with local churches in the places where we work. This allows us to enjoy great fellowship and worship with our friends, and also helps with logistical arrangements.

We receive many requests for help, and working in co-operation with local authorities, we prioritise building and other projects only on the basis of need, feasibility and sustainability.

We are stewards of the money that supporters donate, and all projects must demonstrate a tangible benefit to the community, and good value for money.

There are many ways you can help to make a difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. Here are just a few...


One-off gifts, regular donations and legacy gifts are all very welcome. The money you give supports the on-going work of the Trust and provides a lifeline for the poor and isolated people we serve. Click here to Donate!

Also, please consider supporting our work by signing up to Easy Fund Raising. Each time you make a purchase through selected stores, we receive a small donation at no extra cost to you! Click here to sign up.

Volunteer some time

Help us to source desperately needed equipment to ship to where it’s needed. Volunteers are needed at the warehouse in Linton when it’s time to pack the shipping containers, and we also need people to help out in our charity shop in Ross-On-Wye.


Support our teams and our work in prayer. Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular prayer points covering all our activities.

Get involved in Nicaragua

Get your hands dirty! You could make a valuable contribution as a team member on one of our construction projects. We operate in places which are particularly lacking in basic infrastructure, so join one of our teams and help build or renovate schools, clinics and vocational centres that will help lift people out of poverty. No specialist building skills are required, though they are useful!

Get in Touch

If you would like the Peace & Hope Trust to visit and talk to your organisation please contact admin@peaceandhope.org.uk with your details