As well as building physical structures, the Trust also works at a community level to help support the vulnerable and to build resilience in local society. Working with local churches, women’s and children’s groups, we support a wide range of community projects, feeding programmes and vocational centres.


Education is a high priority for the Trust.

In addition to building and refurbishing classrooms and school toilets, we work hard to enable some of the poorest children to attend lessons. State primary education is free in Nicaragua, but the schools require pupils to wear uniforms. Every year we provide hundreds of uniforms to families who cannot afford them, so that children can receive the education to which they are entitled.

We also support feeding programmes, so that the poorest children do not have to go to school feeling hungry.

Mother and Toddler Project

In 2017, three mother and toddler groups were established by Peace and Hope Trust volunteers, in different areas of Bluefields. The aim of the project is to assist in breaking the cycle of poverty by promoting mother and child bonding through stimulated play, reading and music. The project is to be run by the mothers from the community, for the community. They will be self-sufficient and make their own decisions on how the groups will work. Our prayer is that this would be educational for the toddlers and at the same time empowering for the mothers. We also envisage running training programmes for the mothers, who would in turn share their new-found skills with other mothers.

Casa Rahab

Casa Rahab is a day centre in Managua, established in 2015 and supported by the Trust both financially and in prayer. The centre provides physical, psychological and emotional support for girls who have suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse within their home, within their community and the sex trafficking trade. The project also aims to build up the confidence, self esteem and self worth of the girls, and support them back into the education system. They are given warmth, food, hygiene facilities, practical skills, love, prayer and above all, a safe haven. Casa Rahab is scratching the surface of this international problem and the Trust plans to  continue to support Casa Rahab as it continues to develop and grow.

Vocational Training

Unemployment is high on the eastern coast of Nicaragua, and skills training for adults is vital to enable them to find work and generate the income needed to lift their families out of poverty.

We support vocational training in sewing, construction, cooking, woodwork, Spanish, mathematics and various kinds of craft work.

The plan is that graduates of the sewing classes will be able to produce the school uniforms which the Trust buys for the poorest school children.


Poverty can easily lead to malnutrition, which can further diminish the health and long-term prospects of children and adults in the poorest communities.

However in Nicaragua, one method of combating malnutrition can be found right on the doorstep.

The Moringa tree is one of the most nutrient-rich plants known to man, and flourishes in the tropical climate of Nicaragua. Moringa is a superb supplement to poor diets, and the Trust is actively working to educate the population of its benefits, and to support the distribution of Moringa saplings to needy families.