Nicaragua is a country in desperate need. Unemployment is high, social provision by the state is seriously limited, and many people live in extreme poverty on less than $2 a day. Essential services such as schools and hospitals are very under-resourced and lacking in basic equipment.

Through our expanding range of contacts here in the UK, we are able to source surplus medical and school equipment and transport them by shipping container to Nicaragua. The greatest need is for basic hospital equipment such as beds, mattresses, wheelchairs and mobility aids, and schools are always short of stacking chairs and tables. We are also keen to send vocational equipment such as tools and sewing machines, which could be used to start a small business.

A major part of the Trust’s UK operation is our warehouse at Linton, near Ross-on-Wye. This former produce depot, generously loaned to the Trust by one of our supporters, is the depository for all manner of surplus supplies and equipment sourced from hospitals, schools, workplaces and homes all around the UK.

40-foot shipping containers filled with this vital aid are regularly shipped to Nicaragua for distribution by small teams of volunteers in association with our local community partners.

You can help to support the Trust’s humanitarian aid work by helping to source this aid, or by volunteering your time at the warehouse, especially when shipping containers need to be packed.

The Peace and Hope Charity Shop

Our Charity Shop, located at 4 Crofts Court, Ross-on-Wye, is a vital source of funds for our humanitarian aid work. Staffed entirely by volunteers, all of whom have a passion for the work of the Trust, the shop is also a great means of promoting our mission.

The Peace and Hope Shop sells a wide range of quality used household goods, furniture and electrical items, as well as Latin American craft, sourced direct from the makers in Nicaragua. You can help by donating items for sale, offering a few hours per week to staff the shop or simply call in to browse, chat and have a coffee.