One of the Trust’s priorities is to help to address the severe lack of healthcare services available to many of the poorest communities in Nicaragua. The people that live in the remote villages on the eastern side of Nicaragua often live a long way from the sort of medical help that we in the UK take for granted. One of the major health problems is toothache. Sweet food and drinks, along with sugar cane, are very popular, but can lead to severe dental decay. Many are then unable to get pain relief due to expensive treatment and travel costs.

The Trust meets this need by sending a Dental team annually to these remote areas, under the guidance of the Nicaraguan authorities. Local nurses assist by inviting the team into their clinics and providing lists of patients who need help. The team of translators, dentists, nurses and sterilising technician, works long days treating anyone in pain. The throughput of patients is staggering, with each dentist extracting an average of over 100 rotten teeth a day.

Prevention and education are also vital and both dietary and oral hygiene advice are given alongside treatment.

Doctors may also join the team. They treat patients wherever possible, but also build up a picture of how the Trust can best help in the future. With the help of local professionals and the Nicaraguan Authorities the Trust strives to live up to its motto; ‘Reaching those not served by others.’