This month we have:

Sponsored a very successful medical trip providing care for the “Coastal and River
Communities” outside Bluefields. The doctors carried out a total of 536 consultations with
almost half of these being on children. The most frequent ailments were respiratory
problems, UTIs, intestinal parasites and fungal skin infection. We will be sponsoring further
medical trips in the future and we will make sure that the team has the appropriate
equipment and medicines available to treat these problems.

We also sponsored a dentist to travel with the team. He managed to treat 52 patients and
carried out 84 extractions alongside providing preventative advice.

During the trip 16 maternity and baby packs were also distributed. These kits include items
such as essential mother and baby clothing, cot sheets, nappies, sanitary items, towels and
soap, many of which are made in Bluefields. These packs are only given to the poorest
mothers. The doctors and nurses are delighted to be able to distribute them and feel they
make a massive difference.

The Trust bought and distributed Christmas presents for the 300 pupils being educated in
the schools which were either built by, or have a close affiliation with, us. The presents were
individually wrapped and named. It was very emotional handing out the gifts for both
children and colleagues, many of whom were in tears. Apart from the joy of giving these,
we also consider the presents to be a reward for remaining at school, and we hope it
encourages them to stay there. The cost was roughly $3400. This year we have also helped
by providing such essentials as stationary and school uniforms.

We continue to sponsor ongoing projects in Nicaragua: mother and toddler groups,
vocational education, feeding programmes and the Casa Rehab women’s refuge.

One container full of medical equipment is still on the high seas, in transit to the Philippines.
We hope to send another shortly but the international container world is very congested at
the moment. Nicaragua are still not accepting containers from us, although we hope this
situation will change in the New Year. Once again, if anyone has a contact of a charity who
might be interested, please get in touch. Last month a number of people very kindly passed
on details of various organisations, but sadly none needed quite what we had to offer.
The new shop in Ross-on-Wye is now up and running. Thank you once again to all our
volunteers. The money raised in the shop is vital for the charity. We are always looking for
more helpers to work in the shop, so if you are able to offer some time please do get in

We are currently considering building a Clinic in a very remote area south of Bluefields. The
Clinic would become a centre of health care for a number of villages in the area that find it
very difficult accessing help elsewhere. The project was requested by the local health
authority and we will keep you up to date as this scheme takes shape.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our volunteers and donors. You are the life blood of this
organisation and without you none of the above projects would be possible. We are all
looking forward to the pandemic loosening its hold on the world and getting back to normal,
but meanwhile, with your help, we can still make a difference.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Best wishes,
Will Hanks

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